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    InstitutionAnalystRecommendationTarget PriceDatePDF
    Oddo Seydler
    Recent Felix Parmantier Buy 5.60 € 01.12.2015  Download
    Initial Coverage Felix Parmantier Buy 5.60 € 22.06.2014  Download
    Recent Kai Klose Buy 4.40 € 01.06.2016  Download
    Initial Coverage Kai Klose Buy 4.40 € 22.06.2015  Download
    First Berlin
    Recent Ellis Acklin Buy 6.20 € 01.04.2016  Download
    Initial Coverage Ellis Acklin Buy 7.50 € 29.06.2015  Download


    PCI targets investments in under-performing assets which are located in touristic and commerically attractive locations in Germany.

    Value Chain

    PCI's area of expertise focuses on responding to the growing demand for hotels of 3 to 4 star categories.

    Asset Portfolio

    PCI invests in non-performing hotel loans, distressed assets and selected development opportunities in high tourist destinations in Germany and Europe.