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    Value Chain

    PCI’s area of expertise and focus is in responding to the growing demand for hotels of 3 to 4 star categories, by efficiently utilizing abundantly available distressed and mismanaged properties, from all brands and star categories. PCI benefits from its proven and established business model, from its experienced management team and its profound know-how on how to correctly address the unique challenges of each deal.

    PCI’s management believes it is well positioned in this exclusive niche, benefitting from the demand gap, where it can most efficiently tap into its strongest competitive advantages.

    PCI produces significant value during the turnaround process and benefits from high cash flow yields of the repositioned and stabilized properties.

    Value Chain - Prime City


    PCI targets investments in under-performing assets which are located in touristic and commerically attractive locations in Germany.

    Value Chain

    PCI's area of expertise focuses on responding to the growing demand for hotels of 3 to 4 star categories.

    Asset Portfolio

    PCI invests in non-performing hotel loans, distressed assets and selected development opportunities in high tourist destinations in Germany and Europe.